Genomics at UZ Leuven: why & how to trust the public cloud for analysing our patients’ most sensitive data?

Privacy, GDPR & security are extremely important to hospitals.  And yet, UZ Leuven decided to migrate their platform for Genomic Data Analyses to Google Cloud. What measures did the hospital take to guarantee that all patient information is kept secure?  What are the advantages and services that convinced them to adopt Google Cloud?  You will hear from UZ Leuven about their process, their architecture and the business benefits.  Reinoud will also share their decision criteria to bring workloads to cloud and the pitfalls to avoid.



Reinoud Reynders is 51 years old.  After his studies, master in bio-engineering, he started working at the University Hospital of Leuven in 1995.  His passion for technology and his ability to get things done in a pragmatic way, fueled Reinouds career.  In 2006, Reinoud became the Director for Infrastructure & Operations at UZ Leuven.   He manages a team of 56 people, responsible for security, IT-infrastructure, cloud services, operations and the help desk for both UZ Leuven and Nexuzhealth, a SaaS Platform for Patient Management.

Compliance & Security Challenges